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"At the beginning of 1985, Chilean film director Miguel Littín -- whose name appeared on a list of five thousand exiled with absolute prohibition of returning to their country -- was in Chile for clandestine works lasting six weeks, and shot more than seven thousand meters of film on the realities of his country after 12 years of military dictatorship. With a disguised face, a different style of dressing and speaking, with false documents and the aid and protection of clandestine democratic organizations, Littín led three European film teams the length and breadth of the national territory -- including the interior of the Presidential Palace. They had entered the country at the same time as him with different legal covers, and were assisted by another six teams made up of young people from the internal resistance movement. The result was a four hour film for television and another two hour film for the cinema, that they are beginning to show worldwide.
"Six months ago, when Miguel Littín told me in Madrid what he had done, and how he done it, I thought that behind his film was another unmade film, that ran the risk of remaining unpublished.

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